Premarital Counseling


“…at the beginning of creation God made them male and female.  For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”  Mark 10:6-9   “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1

We believe the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life.  Therefore our premarital counseling program is based on scriptural principles rather than those of typical secular psychology. Marriage is the second most important decision a person has to make in this life.  We celebrate your decision to enter this lifelong commitment through the covenant of marriage and it is our desire to help you prepare for your special day and a lifetime together.

We believe that premarital counseling is the best antidote to avoid marriage counseling or potential divorce later in the relationship.  It is a sad fact that a little over half of all first marriages end in divorce – including Christian marriages. It is also a sad fact that while a great deal of money is spent in a effort to make your wedding the most special day of your life, too often little thought or investment is made in preparing for a lifetime of a successful marriage.


  •             God’s Design for Marriage
  •             Strengthening Communication Skills
  •             Managing and Resolving Conflict
  •             Role Expectations (as in who should take out the garbage?)
  •             Turning In-Laws into Friends
  •             Financial Stewardship
  •             Sexuality
  •             Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis



  1. 1.    Complete the Initial Information Sheet and the Premarital Counseling Questionnaire (on line) and submit them to TCCM.
  2. 2.    A counselor will contact you and schedule an initial no cost or obligation interview to discuss what is involved in the program.
  3. 3.    If the counselor and you mutually agree to continue in the program a $250.00 deposit must be made and your schedule for the subsequent sessions will be established.
  4. 4.    It is our goal to have your program completed at least one month prior to your scheduled wedding.  If distance is a problem because on or both individuals are living or working out of state, it is possible to do several sessions by way of telephone or video conferencing in order to complete the program.

NOTE:              Acceptance into the premarital counseling program and completion of all requirements does not commit or obligate Pastor Hegarty to officiate at any wedding ceremony that may follow.



“When we think about our counseling sessions with Arleigh, the things that stand out to us the most are how real, honest and serious he was about it.  He didn’t hold anything back, and he was blunt about how hard it would be.  Marriage is no easy step in life, and he made clear to us how serious it is.  His counseling enabled us to be honest and vulnerable with him, with ourselves and with each other.”

“My husband and I would recommend pre-marital counseling for these reasons: we learned about having a Christ centered marriage, the compatibility quiz [T-JTA] helped us understand why we work well/don’t work well together, and the sessions helped us see the things that are important or not so important in a marriage.”

“Before we were married we were pretty sure that pre-marital counseling was a good idea.  During the sessions, however, we realized that the counseling was not only a good idea, but an essential one.  We learned so much with Arleigh and genuinely enjoyed discussing the joys and challenges of marriage.  Each session was fun and interesting and helped us to think, talk, and pray about many things, some of which we either hadn’t thought of or were afraid to discuss.  Eleven years into marriage, we continue to thank God for the grace He gave us through those sessions and we heartily recommend counseling with him to anyone.”

“My husband and I both enjoyed and benefitted from our marriage counseling sessions with you.  We appreciated your honesty and directness with us.  The personality test was helpful.  In particular, the comparison of our two personalities was insightful and has often proved true in our marriage.  The counseling was insightful and the workbook/handbook is a good resource to have now that we are married.”

“Arleigh’s  marriage counseling helped bring to the surface important issues to discuss that may not have ever come up without the structure of the counseling sessions. Arleigh listened well,

never “took sides” on issues where we disagreed, was open with us about his own life, and gave

us tools and strategies with which to address future marriage situations. He met us as friends,

not merely students, and mentored us personally, not merely intellectually.”