Premarital Questionnaire

Pre-Counseling Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in premarital counseling.  We pray that this special time is filled with God’s blessing and spiritual growth.

The following applications may be filled in online and submitted through e-mail to our office.

In order for me to counsel you effectively from the start, I need to ask about who you both are, what your backgrounds are, what work is like for you, what your family was like growing up, and other things about you and your past. Many of these questions are very personal; in fact, some of them may touch on things that you have not yet spoken about openly even with your financé.

Please trust that your completed questionnaire will not be shared with anyone else. I will not use this information against you and I am not looking for ways to judge you or make you feel awkward or ashamed. Please also trust that I, and many who are wiser than I am, have concluded that these topics are very important factors in how healthy your marriage will be. I simply want to work with you to lay the foundations for the healthiest marriage possible.

Please fill out each application and submit.

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